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  • Brace for impact — How to prepare your team for what’s to come
    on May 3, 2020

    Brace for impact — How to prepare your team for what’s to comeSurprisingly, team member Mary is doing very well during this Corona crisis. She has completely accepted the new situation we are in. Actually, she always had a lot of trouble with the noise from the office and therefore preferred to work alone. She has plenty of contact with her team via online video and phone calls.Her colleague William, on the other hand, thinks continuous working from home is terrible. He misses the […]

  • How to become a happy AND more effective manager ( Part 2)
    on March 27, 2020

    RetrospectIn part 1 of this blog series, I wrote about how important it is to discover your deeper talents (deeper talents go much further and are much more detailed than the standard container concepts that are often used) and thus improve your happiness and effectiveness in your work. In addition, I gave tips on how to identify these deeper talents within yourself.Now that you know what your deeper talents are, you may want to adjust a number of things in the way you manage. You may want to […]

  • More effective team collaboration through Corona virus
    on March 10, 2020

    You can read all about it in the newspapers, the Corona virus. At first we only looked at Asia and the spread there, but now it is a fact: we are unfortunately also affected by the Corona virus in the Netherlands.Every company has reacted differently to this so far. Some companies close all doors preventively, others ask employees who don’t feel well to stay at home. Whatever measures are chosen, working from home will increasingly become a fact in the coming period.In recent years, working […]

  • How to become a happy AND more effective manager (Part 1)
    on February 24, 2020

    I was 27 years old and unit manager. I took on all tasks that were part of my job: drawing up annual plans, coaching, account management for existing customers, sales for new customers, describing processes, chairing team meetings, carrying out administration, and so on. I found it quite complicated to manage all these different tasks. And to be honest, I wasn’t really good at everything and I knew that. That fact affected both my own job satisfaction and the effectiveness of myself and thus […]

  • Is the team member who always says “yes but” driving you crazy?
    on January 26, 2020

    Everyone knows them, the team member who immediately sees warning signs with every new idea and makes all the enthusiasm within a team disappear. They ask difficult questions, have a critical eye, want to analyze everything completely and keep asking questions until they fully understand it. You would initially think this person is annoying and needs to change. But this person is extremely important for your team.In recent years during team coaching sessions I have seen that this person does […]

  • 6 ways to increase your Agile Scrum team performance
    on December 29, 2019

    It happened on a Friday afternoon just before the start of the pre-weekend drinks. Harry walked up to me with a concerned face. Harry was the IT Manager of the company I was working as a coach at the time. When I asked what was going on, he answered “Do you have a minute?”“My team members are all talented and motivated and really want to make the most of their jobs, and yet I have this nagging feeling that there is so much more that we could and should accomplish. But why and how? I […]


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