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Career coaching

The Human Factor stands for expanding and utilizing all the human potential that is already there. With the help of our unique Power Coaching approach you know exactly which choices you have to make for the next phase in your working life, you get more (work) happiness and increased meaning, visibility and self-confidence.

Your challenge

  • Do you find it difficult to make good choices for the next step in your career? 

  • Do you want to use your full potential even better?

  • Do you feel stuck in your job or are you looking for a new job?

  • Do you feel a lack of meaning?

  • Do you have insufficient insight into who you are, what you can do and what you want?

  • Are old patterns getting in the way of success?

Our solution

With our personal Power Career Coaching we solve all these issues for you:

1. With Career Coaching we go deep and get the most out of it.

2. With the help of Deep Talent mining we ensure that we bring out your unique deeper talents.

3. Analysis of deeper values and passions give insights in what’s important to you.

4. A thorough job-fit analysis ensures that you know which jobs suit you best.

Our approach

With the help of our unique Power Career Coaching approach you know exactly which choices you have to make for the next phase in your working life, you get more (work) happiness and increased meaning, visibility and self-confidence.

1. Personal Deep Dive

We start the Power Career Coaching with a personal deep dive, in which we take a first step in looking at who you are, what you can do, what drives you and what you want.


2. My Power Brand

You get to know your deeper talents, passions and values ​​through the use of Deep Talent Mining. This is how we will built your unique profile, which is summarized in a one-pager Power Brand.

3. Talent mapping

We map your deeper talents with your current and / or future job with the input of your one-pager Power Brand. This results in a thorough fit-gap analysis.

4. Implementation

Based on the fit-gap analysis, we look at how you can use your deeper talents, values ​​and passions in your work and what talents you can exploit even better so that you are very deployable. You have laid a deep foundation that will help you for the rest of your life as support for the choices you will keep making in your work  situation.

Eline ten Bosch

Marjolijn listens, connects dots and with very simple questions lets you unravel what drives you personally and professionally. One of her strengths is her energy, it is warm and comfortable but simultaneously energetic and powerful. It is Marjolijn her genuine passion to help you find and nourish your (sometimes hidden) talents. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Eline ten Bosch

PHD Candidate


Frequently Asked Questions

Forbes reports on the overwhelming success of coaching services. Of the coaching clients surveyed, 70% reported improved work performance and communication skills. An increase in self-awareness was also experienced.

Because the focus of Power Coaching is on utilizing and expanding your potential, this yields an awful lot: increased (work) happiness, sense of purpose, self-confidence and visibility. And this allows you to make better choices and you will see that your performance will increase while conserving energy. Eva Katherine Herber puts this well into her  TedEx talk for the University of Madrid. “Expand the positive, use your talents, and your performance will increase by 36.4%.”

When you work with a Power Coach, you hire an experienced partner to make sustainable (life) choices. The Power Coach helps you to gain insight into who you are at your core, your unique DNA, so that it matches with your professional and personal goals. Because of the very personal, practical and pragmatic approach you work together towards a deep result for the long term.

Power Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to make good future-oriented choices that are suitable for the next phase in your career. We help people who want to be more energized in their current working environment, who want to take a step within their organization and who are looking for a new working environment.

On average, Power Coaching consists of 6 sessions of 1 1/2 hours. Naturally, we look at the learning objectives at the start of the process and from there we come up with an appropriate plan of action for the Power Coaching.


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