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How we help teams

The Human Factor stands for the development and utilization of all the human potential that is already present in teams. By using our unique Power Plan and Deep Talent Mining, we achieve 36% better results, maximum team involvement and self organizing teams.

Your challenge

  • Is there more potential in your team than what is present right now?

  • Are you struggling with low team performance?

  • Do you notice that your team is too dependent on you?

  • Do you experience low team involvement?

Our solution

With our Power Plan we solve all these issues for you. This unique approach includes the following components:

With the help of Deep Talent Mining, we ensure that we bring out the unique deeper talents of all team members.

With a thorough Fit-Gap analysis we gain insight into the match between the deeper talents of all the team members and the activities of the team.

We implement and secure the approach with the help of a thorough improvement plan.

Power Plan

With The Human Factor, our unique Power Plan, Deep Talent Mining and the Power Performance Indicator (PPI) we realize high employee engagement and better performance for organizations, teams and individuals

1. First we identify the organization and team, so that the steps of the Power Plan can be aligned to these ambitions. 

2. Employees find out what their deeper talents, passions and values are through the use of Deep Talent Mining (different unique techniques) during the Power Brand workshop. They then share this with each other and the organization. In addition, the workshop provides a deeper understanding of each other as well as reciprocal trust within the team. 

3.We then identify the most impactful processes and activities for application in the Talent mapping session.

During the talent mapping session we specify the required expertise and deeper talents for each part of the process and the associated activities, together with the team and the other stakeholders. This creates a clear “fit-gap” of available and required talents for each phase of a process and activity, plus an implementation plan. 

4. Capacity adjustment and then team and individual coaching ensure that everyone is being deployed based on their deeper talents. Various methods are applied, such as feed forward, growth mindset, Belbin’s team roles, team Lumina, effective communication and delegation. All participants come to a documented agreement on the content of the Power Plan, giving it a solid foundation. 

Power Performance Indicator

We measure involvement and performance with our Power Performance Indicator (PPI), so that concrete tools for grip and control are available.​

Our Maturity Model

With the Maturity Quick Scan you can quickly determine where your team or organization is in the area of optimal use of talent and passion of employees. The result can be used as a “conversation starter” and helps determine the potential for optimization.

The Human Factor has developed an extensive scientifically based Maturity model that we would like to explain. The model is divided into five developmental stages: Reactive, Develop, Sharpen, Manage and Empower.

Organizations that are at the highest stage of Empowering perform on average 35% better (source: Corporate Leadership Council 2002) than companies that are at the lowest stage (Reactive).

Do you want a deeper view of your team or organizational stage?

Get in touch for an extensive scan.

Arjan Brenkman

“Marjolijn guided two newly formed teams of teachers side by side in their search for everyone’s motivations, passions and unique talents. The resulting power brand has been instrumental in taking their desired step towards self-organization. Based on talents, both teams now have a good idea of ​​who does what and thus also laid a solid foundation for the structure of their meetings.

Marjolijn has a unique talent to be able to coach the teams based on their needs. Both teams were incomparable in terms of dilemmas and Marjolijn coached them in her team coach sessions based on their specific needs. In doing so, she offers real customization. Marjolijn does not shy away from letting the team storm, of course in a safe way for all participants and always with the aim of realizing the development step desired by the team itself.

By incorporating a zero measurement and an effect measurement, it could be established in both teams that team involvement and team collaboration within the teams has improved significantly. At the time of this writing, I am starting a new team with her, I am already looking forward to that!”

Arjan Brenkman

Manager Education Hogeschool Utrecht


Veelgestelde vragen

Because the focus of the Power Plan is on utilizing and expanding the potential of teams, performance within teams increases. Eva Katherine Herber puts this well into her TedEx talk for the University of Madrid. “Expand the positive, use your talents, and your performance will increase by 36.4%.”

In addition, this approach yields much more: increased happiness at work, involvement and lower absenteeism. Corporate leadership council 2002Gallup 2019, Heinen & O’Neill 2004, Laura King, Ed Diener, Sonja Lyubomirsky 2009, Randolph &Kemery 2011, Arnold Bakker & Daantje Derks 2011, Barbara Fredrickson 2004

When you work with a Power Plan trainer, you hire an experienced partner to facilitate teams. The Power Plan trainer helps you to gain insight into the talents, passions and values ​​of the people in your team(s), so that they match the organizational goals. Due to the highly personal, practical and pragmatic approach you work together towards a sharp result for the long term.


The Power Plan is suitable for teams who want to use their full potential and reach a higher level in their performance and team collaboration. We work for a wide variety of clients, such as large corporates, education, the tech industry and middle and small businesses. 

On average, the Power Plan consists of sessions of 3 whole days and 7 shorter sessions of 2 hours. The lead time is approximately 6 months to ensure that the approach is properly secured in the teams.

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