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Humanising the workplace


The Human Factor stands for utilizing the existing human potential and developing strengths and talents.

There is already an enormous amount of potential within organisations, teams and individuals. This potential is not optimally utilised because the focus is typically on what is not working well. This greatly impacts team commitment and performance in a negative way.

With our unique approach we fix this problem, transforming organisations, teams and individual into high performance, self-organising and happier.


With our 4-step Power Plan, Power Coaching and Deep Talent Mining, we match the available talents with the required activities of teams and individuals.
We provide coaching, both on-site and online. In addition, we offer online self-paced courses to learn how to better utilise your potential.
With our Power Performance Indicator KPI we continuously measure the improvement of engagement and performance.


The Human Factor is a “High Performance Development” organisation.

We are and experienced and energetic team with trainer, coach and advisor roles.

We have a pragmatic approach, a creative and clear view of things, and build high-performing teams and organisations from available talents and relationships.

Our unique approach

International studies have shown that low efficiency, low involvement, high absenteeism, high turnover and lagging business results are often the result of not optimally activating and deploying the available employee potential within an organization.

That is why we focus on the deeper talents and the development of these talents for both individuals and the organisation.

We have a strong belief in the combination of Ambition, People and Context and have a scientifically based* and proven effective approach. We keep it simple and pragmatic.

Our approach results in higher employee involvement, better team and business results and more happiness at work.


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About us


Marjolijn de Boer graduated from the University Utrecht as an organizational psychologist, and has been working professionally for over 20 years in the field of organizational advice, team coaching, development programs, and personal coaching.

She always works from the same vision, to expand and utilize the gigantic potential that is present in every human being. A recurring question that Marjolijn helps with, is how every person can develop his/her talents in the most optimal way, and how any obstacles and blockages to prevent this development can be removed.

Both people and results are central to her approach. Marjolijn initiates change, and does this with strong empathy. She is not afraid to give straight advice, to intervene, and also to initiate difficult but necessary conversations.

Her approach is characterized by a pragmatic and flexible response to what arises, offering a creative and clear view, and a well-thought-out plan of action, aimed at achieving effective and measurable results.

Marjolijn de Boer

Marjolijn de Boer
Founder&Owner - Organisational Consultant - Trainer - Coach


Do you have a question or need advice? Are you looking for a sparring partner or would you just like to get acquainted? We would like to hear from you!


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