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Sometimes there are difficult phases in your life that cause you to become overloaded or burnout.
Using our specific Power Coaching approach for reducing and preventing Burnout & overload, I help you to get your energy back to a good level, and to gain insights into the patterns that caused your burnout or overload, so that you can can quickly recognize and adjust this in the future. For this I give you tools and methods.

Your challenges

Do you experience one or more of the following complaints:
  • Sleeping problems, concentration problems, physical complaints, symptoms of exhaustion, feeling insecure, more easily emotional, a rushed feeling, anxiety and panic complaints, a depressed feeling, low self-esteem, finding it difficult to make decisions.
  • Are you stuck in your work?
  • Does everything that used to go so easy now seem to be out of your hands?
  • Do you worry about your day and all you have to do?

Our solution

Using our Power Coaching approach to reduce and prevent Burnout & Overload we will ensure that:
  • You can recharge your energy.
  • You gain insight into the patterns that have caused the overload or burnout.
  • You can avoid these blocking patterns to prevent recurrence.

Our approach

With the help of our unique Power Coaching for Burnout and overload, you can relax again, you know which patterns have been obstructive for you, and we ensure that recurrence is prevented.

1. Diagnosis

We start by diagnosing your complaints and making an inventory of your background. With the help of this we can form a view of the intensity and cause of your complaints, and focus the further approach on this.

2.  Restore physical disruptions

With the help of targeted techniques (including Brainspotting) and our Power Coaching, we ensure peace and balance in your system. You will experience that your complaints decrease.

3. Recognize blocking patterns

The emphasis is then gradually shifted to cognitive restructuring. Discovering patterns that no longer work for you is central to this. I use Systemic Coaching and Brainspotting for example. 

4. Self-management skills

In this last step, we look at how you can retain what you have learned, to prevent recurrence of complaints and to safeguard what you have learned.
I got to know Marjolijn during the period when I was suffering from burnout complaints.
She took me by the hand in a figurative sense and took me along in an often very surprising process in which she, by asking very specific questions, listening very carefully, making relationships visible, looking back at previous sessions and, above all, with a great sense of the correct treatment plan and treatment pace, has ensured that I got to know myself (and therefore also the personal causes of the burnout) much better.
During our very intensive conversations I gained insight into the how and why of my own actions, the backgrounds of some emotions became clear and I discovered the unjustified self-evidence with which I accepted certain aspects of my professional and private life and the effects this had on my state of mind.
Marjolijn knows more than excellently how to sense the different phases of my recovery and to adjust our conversations accordingly.
Marjolijn is a fantastic coach who always knows how to strike the right chord, which guarantees results.
I wish everyone Marjolijn!

Martin Moerenhout

Owner Notary Wijdemeren


Frequently Asked Questions

On average, Power Coaching for Burnout and Overload consists of 6 to 12 sessions, each lasting 1 1/2 hours. Naturally, we look at the situation at the start of the process and from there we come up with an appropriate plan of action to remedy and prevent the burnout or overload.

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