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We are all about helping people to utilize their full potential.

With our courses and coaching, you will learn exactly which choices you have to make for the next stage in your working life, you will get more (work) happiness, and increased meaning, visibility and self-confidence.  

That’s why we made these online courses especially for you. So you can also achieve your full potential!

Our online offers

Free intro

  • Quick scan to create a basic personal power brand

Ultimate Bundle

  • Everything from the Essential Package PLUS:
  • 30 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching with The Human Factor founder Marjolijn de Boer
  • A total of 8 hours of group coaching sessions
  • Exclusive career tools

Essential Package

  • 4 Hour online course to create your Personal Power Brand
  • High quality videos by THF founder Marjolijn de Boer
  • Practical actionable tools
  • Personalized career advice

What our customers have to say

"I really enjoyed the Personal Power Brand course. It was a great introspective exercise that helped me to get to know me, my talents and motivations better. Before starting the course, I could barely mention 2 talents, but thanks to the different activities, I realized that I have many talents that make me unique, things I thought were natural or things I thought were defects, are really things I can leverage to achieve something. It also made me reflect about the professional path I want to follow based on my passions and values. In summary, a really good experience!"
Diana Diaz
Business owner
"Marjolijn’s online course helped me become more confident and gave me clarity about making choices in both my work and personal life. By knowing what drives me and by understanding my passions, values and talents I am much more able to make the right career decisions and engage in activities that fit my purpose. Marjolijn guides you throughout the course with inspirational and clear examples in the instruction videos. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand their deeper self and start living their own purpose!"
Noura Ismaïl
"Marjolijn listens, connects dots and with very simple questions lets you unravel what drives you personally and professionally. One of her strengths is her energy, it is warm and comfortable but simultaneously energetic and powerful. It is Marjolijn her genuine passion to help you find and nourish your (sometimes hidden) talents. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Eline Ten Bosch
PHD Candidate
"The personal power brand course gives you the opportunity to gain fresh insights into your deeper talents, values and passions. In a structured and interactive way you are guided towards building your own power brand. The exercises are diverse and let you think more thoroughly about who you are, where you are good at and what you like. Marjolijn is an enthusiastic and skilled person who supports in giving personalized career advise after building your Power Brand. Highly recommended from my side."
Gerda Slagter
Senior Customer Engagement Executive